The Webdesign Rug Race

Hello, Dear visitor, we have recently reopened our website. In case it is your first visit, and you are not familiar with what we do here, I would like to introduce us to you. We are vos web design studio, a small team of web designers, UX UI experts and marketers. We treat our website as a blog, as a story telling fun platform and as a business card. Our policy stands for being yourself and being open to people, that’s why you will often see us in a very simple, unofficial and funny manner. We are planning to share our work and vision to whats coming in the future years. What we see as the future of websites and web design, we are going to discuss 3d versions of websites and other crazy stuff. Of course, you can expect to see our marketing company and strategies, our methods to promote and advertise your online presence. We would like to start sharing other people websites and analyzing their high parts as well as weak parts and how they can be fixed. We think is going to be an interesting and useful experience for you. Make sure to come back frequently for new updates.

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